The Bio-Mat
The perfect blend of nature and technology

What is the BioMat?
A heating tool utilizing the TRIAD of:

  • Far Infrared Rays (Heat/Light):
    • Far Infrared Rays penetrate deeply into the body with a uniform warming effect.
    • As the BioMat warms up your body, Far Infrared Rays change your physical condition by:
      • Facilitating blood circulation and increasing delivery of oxygen-rich blood to muscles.
      • Stimulating your cells.
      • Activating more than 3000 essential enzymes, including the release and discharge of harmful materials in the body.
    • The photos below contrast a regular heating pad (left) versus the BioMat (right):

  • Amethyst Crystals:
    • Where toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy flow is impaired.
    • Amethyst is a powerful detox and helps clear certain types of blockages.
    • Amethyst has been called “nature’s tranquilizer,” relaxing the mind and calming the nervous system.
  • Negative Ionizaton:
    • Positive ions make you feel slow and sluggish…negative ions make you feel good, providing natural euphoria.
    • Negative ions give the body a massage at the “molecular level,” deepening and cleansing all bodily functions.

Health Benefits of the BioMat:

  • The combination of Far Infrared Rays, negative ions and amethyst crystals helps to:
    • Promote relaxation and sleep
    • Remove waste and toxins
    • Relieve pain and joint stiffness
    • Increase blood circulation.

Here's what users say:

“I purchased the BioMat because of constant lower back pain. I use the mat at least 4-5 times per week. I have found doing only 30 minutes gives me great relief. Best purchase I ever made!”

“I love the deep peace that the BioMat brings. I find if I have any pain, it brings relief quickly. I consider it essential for my wellness and spiritual practices.”

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