Massage Therapy Services Provided

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Relaxation Massage
Massage therapy has been shown to promote both a conscious and a subconscious “letting go” so that normal body function can be restored. Massage assists the body in releasing stress, anxiety, and tension in your muscles by calming the nervous system. Massage boosts your immune system and improves circulation. It brings in healing and wholeness to your body, mind, and spirit. Each session is tailored to the client's specific needs.

Aromatherapy Massage
Young Living Essential Oils are used to bring your body into balance, harmony and healing. Touch, bodywork, and massage have many positive effects on the muscle, joint, circulatory, and other body systems. When combined with massage, essential oils create a relaxing, luxurious experience that balance mind, body and spirit. Learn more:

La Stone Therapy Massage
Warmed/cooled smooth stones are used to massage away the aches and pains and release tension. It is an intense healing experience that will take your body, mind, and soul to a deep relaxation state. The application uses Basalt stones (heated penetrating stones that loosen the muscle), alternating with cold Marble stones (which bring in blood flow and release to the muscle to contract and tone it). Using different temperatures, whether hot or cold, on the body brings about a certain reaction in the body that has been used for ages. Learn more:

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage provides soothing, nurturing touch combined with focused, individualized attention to the pregnant woman's physical and emotional concerns. Benefits included stress reduction, relaxation, circulatory benefits, labor preparation, reduction of musculoskeletal strain and pain, and postpartum recovery.

Raindrop Technique
Raindrop Technique is a powerful, non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine. It was discovered by Dr. Gary Young. It integrates Vitaflex and massage, utilizing the power of essential oils in bringing the body into structural and electrical alignment. Nine of the Young Living Oils are used in this technique assisting the body in releasing pain, toxins and emotions. The seven powerful benefits of the Raindrop Technique are: helps reduce pain, helps reduce inflammation, helps improve circulation, can help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment, helps to relieve stress, helps improve circulation, and can facilitate the release of pent-up emotions.

Spiritual Raindrop Technique
Spiritual Raindrop Technique works with the client's chakra centers using the 12 oils of Scripture (Young Living Essential Oils). One of the oldest and most respected natural therapies known to man/woman has been essential oil. The Bible refers to essential oils over 200 times. Young Living 12 Oils of Scripture are a one-of-a-kind collection of essential oils referenced in the Bible. During the session, the oils will be applied on your chakras and followed with techniques to assist your body in releasing toxins and emotions. After all oils have been applied, warm, moist towels are applied for a deep penetrating relaxing state and deep spiritual awareness and peace.

Spiritual Healing Touch
Spiritual Healing Touch is a compassionate energy therapy where the practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered way with intention to support and facilitate the body in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way to wholeness and self-healing. The session consists of prayer, hands-on healing and essential oils to restore Harmony, Balance and Peace in the human energy system. Healing Touch is accepted, validated and utilized in hospitals, hospice, long term care, health centers, private practices, clinics, parish ministry, and private healing practices for self, family and others. Learn more: and

“Qi” (pronounced chee) is an ancient Chinese energy healing practice where the practitioner moves their hands over the body to detect and assist in clearing energy blockages for improved health of body, mind and spirit. The practice helps to relieve pain and stress. It relaxes you and leaves you with more energy. Learn more:

BioMat Far Infrared Therapy
Experience a heating tool that utilizes the triad of far infrared rays, amethyst crystals and negative ions to promote relaxation, relieve pain, increase circulation and more.
Learn more about the BioMat.

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